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Tuesday, 28 November 2017 09:25

Off-Broadway Review: WHO'S HOLIDAY!

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Lesli Margherita as Cindy Lou Who in WHO HOLIDAY! Lesli Margherita as Cindy Lou Who in WHO HOLIDAY! Photo by: Carol Rosegg

Twas the 26th of November when I ventured out, 
to a new comedy play I had heard all about.
Who’s Holiday! is running through only December, 
and then poof it’s gone, I insist you remember.


It’s a delightful evening of Who mirth and Who merriment,
when we join Cindy Lou Who for her holiday merriness.

You all remember her from that cartoon by Chuck Jones,
but it’s the book by Dr. Seuss from which the story grows.

Lesli Margherita, the only cast member,
is funny, and flitty, and one you’ll remember.
For just ‘bout an hour, we’ll all get to see,
how Cindy Lou Who’s life turned out to be.

She now lives in a trailer, unwanted by Who’s,
She smokes Who hash from a bong that’s festooned.
A party she’s having with a few friends,
Will anyone show, will anyone attend?
From guest to guest, the Who hash will travel,
if only they’d arrive, oh what a hassle.

(Speaking of lateness, don’t say you weren’t warned,
if you’re a late comer to this party, you won’t be ignored.
From the stage she’ll chastise you, she won’t be your friend,
if you don’t arrive on time, you’ll pay in the end.)

The Grinch was all green in a red Santa suit, 
robbing and stealing, Cindy didn’t give a hoot.
Turns out that she married this emerald buffoon, 
and had a wee Who who was also green too.

But tragic events soon got in the way,
when Cindy Lou Who watched the Grinch slide that day.
Over Mt. Crumpit he took such a tumble,
he attempted to hurt her, but instead he just stumbled.

Cindy’s in trouble, she’s headed to court,
they’ve accused her of killing her jade consort.
All the Who’s they despise her, it won’t be a fair trial,
if they find her guilty, it could mean the green mile.
They’ve never forgiven poor Cindy Lou Who,
whose marriage to the Grinch made her friends go shoo, shoo.
So it’s into the hoosegow, she’s sent off with a flurry,
and losing her daughter, caused much more than worry.

Lest you think that this tragic tale has no heart,
There is one redeeming thing we get before we part.
I’ll not give that away, no that wouldn’t be fair.
Just know it’s sweet, a lovely affair.

If in the first few rows you happen to sit,
you bes’ watch out, Cindy’s pullin' some shit.
There was poor little Jorge, brought onstage for a drink,
her gaydar was on, and poor Jorge rose pink.

She wouldn’t leave him alone, even after he’d sat,
there was no way in hell he’s getting out of her trap.
For the rest of the night, poor Jorge did struggle,
to get out of her clutches and burst her Who bubble.

Three musical numbers enliven the play,
a rap, a Blue Christmas and that Christmas Song oy vey.
On that last musical number, we were invited to sing,
the audience was delighted but singing wasn’t their thing.

Matthew Lombardo has written the script,
it’s delightful, it’s delicious, it just does the trick.

Carl Andress’s direction, it must be admired,
for his use of small space, was simply inspired.

With scenic design by David Gallo,
his holiday trailer will make you smile.

Ken Billington’s lighting with Jonathan Spencer,
gave the trailer a sparkle, a holiday to remember.
The cues they were perfectly called from the booth,
lights went on, lights went off, it all went so smooth.

Jess Goldstein designed the costumes just right,
there’s even a quick change which will surely delight.

Lest I forget the most overlooked chap,
sound designer Bart Fasbinder deserves a backslap.

This play should be produced each holiday season,
It’s cheaper than Rockettes, and probably more pleasin’.

So what do I exclaim as I walk into the cold,
Who's Holiday! is perfect, I will not withhold.
It’s silly, peculiar and just a bit wrong,
But I’d see it again if it came along.


Additional Info

  • Review Theatre Name: West Side Theatre Upstairs
  • Review Theatre Address: 407 West 43rd Street New York, NY 10036
  • Review Theatre Opens Date: Tuesday, 28 November 2017
  • Review Theatre Closes Date: Sunday, 31 December 2017
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