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Thursday, 16 February 2012 12:32

Julie Taymor, SSDC and SPIDER-MAN Producers Reach Agreement

SSDC and Julie Taymor Reach Agreement Over Royalties

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New York, NY – The Stage Directors and Choreographers Society (“SDC”) and 8 Legged Productions LLC, the Producer of SPIDER-MAN Turn Off The Dark, have reached a settlement of all pending litigation between them.

{module ad_left_body}Pursuant to the parties’ settlement agreement, the Producers has agreed to pay Julie Taymor full royalties for her Director services for the New York production of SPIDER-MAN Turn Off The Dark, from the inception of the run through its duration pursuant to the terms of her Director’s agreement, and to pay certain other amounts due to Ms. Taymor as a Collaborator, when the show’s New York production recoups.  The parties also reached agreement with regard to compensation owed for subsequent productions.

The SDC has agreed that Ms. Taymor’s services as a Director and Collaborator are completed, and that she will have no further involvement with the show in those capacities.  All claims of breach by the parties in the arbitration have been withdrawn.

In addition, the Producer recognizes the SDC as the representative of professional Directors and Choreographers employed in connection with first-class theatrical productions of the Producer performed in the United States.  The Producer is also withdrawing with prejudice the recent litigation filed by it in which it challenged the SDC’s jurisdiction.  Similarly, the SDC is withdrawing with prejudice the arbitration proceeding that it commenced against the Producer regarding Ms. Taymor’s services as a Director and Collaborator.

Karen Azenberg, President of the SDC, said, “We are pleased to resolve our issues with the producer of SPIDER-MAN Turn Off The Dark and to welcome it into our collective bargaining partnership.  It has employed four of our members (Julie Taymor, Daniel Ezralow, Philip McKinley and Chase Brock) and the success of the show is in our mutual interest.  The litigation between us is over, and we are hopeful that any remaining issues between the producer and Ms. Taymor regarding her role as author can also be resolved to the satisfaction of all.”

Michael Cohl and Jeremiah Harris of 8 Legged Productions said in a joint statement: “We are very happy to have reached an amicable compromise with the SDC that will allow us all to move on.  Now we can focus our energies on providing an amazing entertainment experience for our audiences, who have come to see the show in record numbers and made it a tremendous hit.  We hope to be able to employ many talented theater professionals, including SDC members, for years to come.”

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