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Monday, 23 January 2012 15:46

New iPad App for Directors, Choreographers and Stage Managers - Stagewrite - Launches Mar 1


Press Event/Launch Party At The MPE Penthouse In NYC With Broadway’s Tony Award Winning Director/Choreographer Susan Stroman, Sierra Boggess Joshua Henry, And Tony Nominee Will Swenson

{module ad_left_body}(New York, NY) - The revolutionary new iPad app Stage Write® which allows directors, choreographers and stage managers to easily document choreography, staging and blocking for theatrical productions and events will be made available to the general public on March 1, 2012 - via iTunes App Store.

The debut will coincide with a NYC press event, headlined by a growing number of Broadway celebrities including Tony Award winning Director/Choreographer Susan Stroman, Sierra Boggess, Joshua Henry, and Tony Nominee Will Swenson – Thursday, March 1, 2012 from 3 - 5PM, at the MPE Penthouse (432 West 45th Street). 

Created by Broadway Associate Director/Choreographer Jeff Whiting, the app is already being used by numerous Broadway shows and National tours, including: THE PRODUCERS, YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, WICKED (5th Anniversary), THE SCOTTSBORO BOYS, HAIR, DISNEY and JAMES TAYLOR LIVE.

For the first time, directors, choreographers, and stage managers of any size production across America will be able to easily capture creativity by creating dynamic spacing charts, which effectively show the spacing, choreography, and traffic patterns for all the numerous moving pieces contained in a theatrical production.

“This app has changed the way we create Broadway shows,” said app creator Jeff Whiting.  “As an Associate Director on Broadway, part of my job is to document the position of all the actors, performers, and the scenic elements, at every given moment in time  - both on and off stage.  I also need to track the traffic patterns of each of these elements - and put them into a ‘show bible.’  It can be a pretty daunting task.”  

“I came up with a method for tracking all of these elements while we were creating YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN on Broadway.  The method worked so well, but there was no existing software available to help me in the process,” said Whiting.  “So I just decided to build it.”  

“I'm very excited that Stage Write is going to be made available to everyone" said Director Susan Stroman. "It offers me the ability to maintain a musical ‘bible’ by notating, in the most precise way -- blocking, staging, motivation and the knowledge of all technical elements involved in the creation of a show.”

"In the old days," she added,  "I used to move pennies around the table to represent dancers!  It is very important to me not to waste the time of the actors.  I want rehearsal to be about acting and exploration.  Stage Write allows me that creative freedom.  And now the pennies stay in the jar!”

Broadway Production Stage Manager’s are chiming in too.  Joshua Halperin (West Side Story, The Scottsboro Boys) declares “Finally! Creating charts has never been simpler. The interface is wonderfully intuitive.  Modification is simple and clean.  Charts have a professional look and couldn’t be easier to read.  All this combined with the portability of the iPad make this App indispensable!” 

Jeff Whiting is a Director/Choreographer/Associate Director whose Broadway credits include THE SCOTTSBORO BOYS, HAIR, WICKED (5th Anniv.), YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN.  National Tours: HAIRSPRAY, YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, THE PRODUCERS, THE SCOTTSBORO BOYS.  New York: JAMES TAYLOR LIVE (Carnegie Hall), HONORING SUSAN STROMAN (Hudson), HAPPINESS (Lincoln Center), WE OPEN IN PARIS (Glimmerglass Opera), TARANTELLA.  International: JERSEY BOYS (West End), HAIRSPRAY (Brazil).  Disney:  MICKEY MOUSE CLUB (India), POWER RANGERS (Brazil), 100 YEARS OF MAGIC (Brazil), PARADE OF MAGICAL MOMENTS (Brazil).

Mr. Whiting is also the owner and Artistic Director of THE OPEN JAR INSTITUTE, a music theatre training program founded in 2003 for the development of music theatre artists of all ages.  The Summer Institute offers students intensive workshops with Broadway's best directors, choreographers, agents, and casting directors. HYPERLINK ""


Available on iTunes app store: March 1, 2012
Category: Business
Price:  $196.99
Requirements:  Compatible with iPad 1 and iPad2, with iOS 5 operating system.
Release Date: March 1, 2012

ABOUT Stage Write® 

A simple set-up allows the user to easily import or draw the dimensions of the performance space, the scenic elements of the show, and to create icons for each performer in order to prepare to capture creativity with dynamic spacing charts.

Define Your Space: Easily import a pre-existing design or draw the dimensions of your performance space including, permanent structure, wings, proscenium, etc.

Number Line:  A horizontal number line is shown at the edge of the stage, denoting a centerline and markings for stage left or stage right.  This number line will allow the user to automatically show (or hide) the actor’s position on the stage.

Grid Lines:  User can choose to show, hide, or draw their own grid of horizontal markings or vertical markings for use in spacing.

Set Pieces:  Import the scenic design, draw your own, or choose from a catalogue of pre-existing set pieces that will be used in your production:  step units, couches, tables, doorways, etc.  These pieces are saved in the ‘wings’ until you need them onstage.  The pieces can be permanently placed on stage (if they never move during the production) or independently moved around the stage.

Create Actor Icons:  Create an easy-to-recognize actor icon for each performer in the production with a different shape, color, border, and text label for each performer.  These icons are saved in the ‘green room’ and will appear on stage whenever you need them.

Create dynamic Spacing Charts: Create an unlimited number of spacing charts to document staging, choreography, blocking, traffic patterns and scenic movement for the production.  You can:

Add Actor Icons to the Chart:  By tapping on an actor in the ‘green room’, you add an actor to the stage and you can easily drag them into their position onstage.  

Number Line:  Once an actor icon is placed on the stage, the icon automatically shows the actor’s position on the number line  - stage right or stage left - and also the depth from the front of the stage.  The icon automatically adjusts as you drag them around, continually showing the location number corresponding to the number line.

Traffic Patterns:  You can also easily draw the traffic pattern for an actor (or a moving scenic element) from one position to the next with an easy tap and drag of the finger.

Add Set Pieces to the Chart:  By tapping on the set piece in the ‘wings’, you can add that element to the stage and easily drag it into position.

Add Next Chart:  Once you’ve created the spacing for one moment in time, you can easily add a new chart by clicking ‘add duplicate chart’.  This creates a duplicate of the current chart, and allows you to drag any of the actors or moving elements into a new position, if required.  The user can create an unlimited number of charts for each production.

Re-Order Charts:  Charts are automatically numbered and can be dragged to a new position with an easy drag and drop feature.

Point of View: Easily flip the point of view of your charts from audience point of view (great for directors, choreographers) or from the performers point of view (dance captains, actors).

Scroll Through Charts:  The user can just simply ‘flip’ through the charts with a simple finger swipe or quickly ‘jump’ to any chart in the show by scrolling through the thumbnails of the charts or jumping to a particular scene in the production.

Share:  Sharing your charts is simple.  Print, Email, Share your charts as JPG or PDF files with anyone you desire so they can also view them from their iPad, insert them into their script or show bible, etc.

What’s so revolutionary about STAGE WRITE?

Any stage manager, director or choreographer will attest that the process of documenting staging and choreography is a tedious process.  Until now, there’s been no method available except that of hand-drawn charts which are unappealing, often inaccurate, and are difficult to share.  With this method, the user only has to enter the stage dimensions ONE TIME, create the actor icon ONE TIME, and then easily drag the performer icons into the desired position.  This method saves thousands of HOURS of time and the final product is clean and easy-to-share.


In addition to the timesaving value of Stage Write, there is a huge environmental and economic advantage to using this app.   Most musicals and productions contain thousands of these spacing charts, which need to be shared by others in the production (lighting designers, stage managers, dance captains, swings).  Having these charts in a digital form through use of this app makes it possible to save thousands of dollars in printing and copying, and also making Stage Write the key to ensuring the theatre community effectively reduces its ‘carbon footprint.


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