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Thursday, 14 April 2011 15:07

Tickets Now on Sale for terraNOVA Collective's 8th Annual soloNOVA Arts Festival

MAY 11-28 @ 9TH SPACE 
terraNOVA Collective (Jennifer Conley Darling, Artistic Director, James Carter, Associate Artistic Director) will present the 8th Annual soloNOVA Arts Festival, New York’s premiere festival dedicated to the art of storytelling through solo performance, May 11-28 at 9th Space (located at Performance Space 122, 150 First Ave. at E. 9th Street). The soloNOVA Arts Festival celebrates innovative individuals who push the boundaries of what it means to be an artist, aims to redefine the solo form and uniquely invigorates the audience through the time-honored tradition of storytelling. 
The 8th Annual soloNOVA Arts Festival will run May 11-28 at 9th Space (located at Performance Space 122, 150 First Ave. at E. 9th Street). Tickets ($20/$15 students & seniors) are available online at or by calling 212-352-3101
…and stockings for the ladies
Performed by Brendan McMurtry-Howlett
Written by Attila Clemann
Directed by Zack Fraser
Victory Day streamers have barely landed and two Canadian airmen are sent into occupied Germany. Amidst a sea of survivors and an obstinate military, their conviction is put to the test. Through elegant storytelling and a host of vibrant characters, puppet and human, this award-winning play tells a courageous true tale. “A beautifully crafted play...a splendid production...a not-to-be-missed show... 5 STARS" - Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine, Toronto. Multiple Award Winner: Best of the Fringe (Toronto), Best English Production (Montreal Fringe) and a Montreal English Critic Circle nomination for Best New Text.
Thu 5/12 @ 7pm, Sat 5/14 @ 9pm, Mon 5/16 @ 7pm, Tue 5/17 @ 9pm & Fri 5/20 @ 7pm
Runtime: 90 minutes 
Written & Performed by Joseph Keckler
New York Press said, “Keckler commands with erotic bravado…so many different personae… you wonder whether he’s possessed by spirits”. Time Out New York called Keckler “Divine!” In his newest show, the musician and monologuist takes the audience on a twisted and hilarious ride through the underworld -- the underworld of low-level jobs he has held in the NY arts.
Sat 5/21 @ 7pm, Sun 5/22 @ 2pm, Tue 5/24 @ 7pm, Thu 5/26 @ 9pm & Sat 5/28 @ 4pm
Runtime: 60 minutes 
Performed by Grant Neale 
Written by Saviana Stanescu 
Directed by Tamilla Woodard 
In this hyper-physical monodrama performed by Grant Neale, playwright Saviana Stanescu  (one of’s 2010 People of the Year) has imagined three threshold moments in the life of the famed film director, Roman Polanski. Under the direction of 3 time soloNOVA director Tamilla Woodard, this fast moving tale of Desire, Escape and Punishment, mixes film and theatre as it delves into the brilliant mind of the controversial figure, sometimes victim sometimes villain. Performed in English, French and Polish, POLANSKI POLANSKI was commissioned and feveloped by Nomad
Theatrical Company.“The writing is astonishing…a remarkable compelling performance by Grant Neale and fluid often surprising direction by Tamilla Woodard.” Martin Denton,
Thu 5/12 @ 9pm, Sat 5/14 @ 7pm, Mon 5/16 @ 9pm, Tue 5/17 @ 7pm & Fri 5/20 @ 9pm 
Runtime: 75 minutes 
Questions My Mother Can’t Answer 
Written & Performed by Andrea Caban 
Directed by Rachel Eckerling 
Innovative Theatre Award-winning solo artist Andrea Caban is back with her sold-out 2010 FringeNYC hit. She’s on a mind-body-soul healing mission after being hit by a New York City cab. Searching for guidance she interviews eight “women-of-a-certain-age”. How do a sexy Moroccan ballroom dancer, a donations-only prostitute, and her Aunt Shirley help Andrea redefine “navigating life” and interpret the ticks of her biological clock? “I left the theater feeling like I had gained something I didn’t even know was missing.” New York Theatre Review
Sat 5/21 @ 4pm, Sun 5/22 @ 6pm, Mon 5/23 @ 8pm, Wed 5/25 @ 8pm & Fri 5/27 @ 8pm
Runtime: 70 minutes
Santa Claus is Coming Out… Or How the Gay Agenda Came Down My Chimney 
Written & Performed by Jeffrey Soloman 
Directed by Joe Brancato 
Inspired by theatrical documentarians Anna Deveare Smith and The Laramie Project, Mr. Solomon purports to have interviewed all of the key players in the scandal that has come to be known as ‘Santa-Gate’. “This isn’t a clumsy parody, but a sensitive, imaginative tale that really is about a boy’s realization that he is different. Mr. Solomon portrays an amazing range of characters, all of them beautifully.” The New York Times
Wed 5/11 @ 7pm, Fri 5/13 @ 9pm, Sat 5/14 @ 2pm, Wed 5/18 @ 9pm & Thu 5/19 @ 7pm 
Runtime: 75 minutes
Tar Baby
Written & Performed by Desiree Burch 
Co-Written by Dan Kitrosser
Directed by Isaac Byrne 
It took us over 200 years to build America--it will take Desiree a little over an hour to dismantle it. Tar Baby is a new solo work exploring the new face of identity and race in America by toying with all the old ones. Created and performed by alt-comedian Desiree Burch (52 Man Pickup, The Soup Show, Huffington Post's "53 Favorite Female Comedians", New York Magazine's "Ten New Comedians that Funny People Find Funny"), Tar Baby is the collapsible space-and-time-machine ride at an Americana funpark, featuring: The glories of Manifest Destiny! The 8-bit majesty of the Oregon Trail! The sideshow hilarity of Blaxploitation! The rollercoaster of White Liberal Guilt! A poppy field of American dreams! Sheet forts! Night terrors! Childhood games! Punch and Pie!
Sat 5/21 @ 9pm, Sun 5/22 @ 4pm, Tue 5/24 @ 9pm, Thu 5/26 @ 7pm & Sat 5/28 @ 2pm
Runtime: 60 minutes
Woman of Leisure and Panic
Created & Performed by Charlotte Bydwell 
A recent graduate of The Juilliard School and celebrated performer with choreographers such as Monica Bill Barnes and Larry Keigwin, Charlotte Bydwell makes her solo show debut with Woman of Leisure and Panic. In this whimsical combination of dance and theatre, she depicts a young woman’s quest to find balance in a life where every achievement seems to bring further uncertainty. Watch as she struggles to remain financially stable, creatively productive, physically fit, romantically satisfied, and still standing...or should she sit?
Wed 5/11 @ 9pm, Fri 5/13 @ 7pm, Sat 5/14 @ 4pm, Wed 5/18 @ 7pm, Thu 5/19 @ 9pm
Runtime: 60 minutes
TERRANOVA COLLECTIVE is a vibrant playground for artists devoted to innovative new and original theatrical works. Its multi-layered development process, solo arts festivals, and productions serve to nurture and liberate our community. 
9TH SPACE is the 1st floor theater at Performance Space 122. The soloNOVA Arts Festival is presented by terraNOVA Collective and is not a Performance Space 122 production. 
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