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Wednesday, 23 March 2011 15:31

Horse Trade Theater Group Presents WORK: A PLAY

WORK: A Playis a multimedia comedy about the PowerPointlessness of office life. Our heroes are the drones working away in a nameless department at the sinister Ouroboros Corporation (“Riding you into the future!”). The head of the company has come to judge a presentation that the department has worked hard on (except for Mike, who hardly worked on it)…but what are his real intentions? Why do the interns have to wear spandex suits? What’s the deal with the bodies they keep finding in the company dumpster? And what does the evil cackling coming from the CEO’s office mean? WORK: A Play will solve these mysteries, as well as teach you how to behave at the office holiday party, explain how a dead temp can go unnoticed for hours, and finally give definitive etiquette rules for the workplace restroom. 
The production will feature Jeremy Banks, Alicia Barnatchez, Jesse Bernath, Sabrina Farhi, Jeremy Mather, Michele McNally, Alexis Robbins, Jeff Sproul, and D. Robert Wolcheck. The creative team will include Set and Costume Design by Lindsey Moore, Lighting Design by Jeremy Mather, and Video Direction by Jeremy Mather, Lindsey Moore, and Jeff Sproul. 
WORK: A Play, presented by No Tea Productions as residents of Horse Trade Theater Group, will play a limited two week engagement at UNDER St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place between 1st Ave and Ave A), April 28-May 7, Thursday through Saturday at 8pm. Tickets ($15/$12 students & seniors) are available online at or by calling Smarttix at 212-868-4444.  
NO TEA PRODUCTIONS exists as an outlet for creative expression, especially through original works, and to bring new voices to the independent theatre community. With each show we strive to be funny and entertaining, but also to always present a larger truth. No Tea was founded by Jeff Sproul and Lindsey Moore in 2006, and started its residency at Horse Trade in the 2008-2009 season. 
"Here's a good rule of thumb for your future New York theater ventures: if the show is a product of No Tea Productions, you'll almost certainly be entertained, and maybe even moved...this is a company that's on a roll right now, and has nowhere to go but up." BlogCritics Magazine
"Walks a refreshing line between camp and suspense. The enjoyable ensemble...adds heart and humor to their over-the-top characters." Time Out NY(Kentucky Goblin Siege)
“Quirky…[Jeff] Sproul delivers an impressive performance…staged nicely.” The New York Times
"The No Tea cast as directed by Lindsey Moore is engagingly funny...even Oliver the unseen dog has a personality." Flavorpill (Editors Pick for Kentucky Goblin Siege)
"Never a dull moment...The Kentucky Goblin Siege will transport you from your boring, non-goblin-sieged-life to a place where anything can happen, and probably will." The Happiest Medium
Non-stop gags, jokes, tom-foolery, one-liners, puns, witty repartee, and monkeyshines. It’s like Monkey Business meets Fawlty Towers...I laughed through the whole thing.” Cultural Capitol (Poppycock)
JEREMY MATHER (Writer & Performer) is a writer, filmmaker and comedian. No Tea's production of the farce Poppycock last season marked his debut as writer/director for the stage, and this is his eighth show collaborating with No Tea Productions, two of which (Already in Progress, Liars) he co-wrote in addition to acting. Jeremy has also screened several short films at Sundance and has performed as a stand-up comedian.
LINDSEY MOORE (Writer & Director) the Executive Producer of No Tea, previously directed The Kentucky Goblin Siege, Liars, Plucking Failures Like Ripe Fruit, The Artistical Process of Mark and Andy, Already in Progress, and The Pigeon that Cries in My Heart. The New York Times said that Liars was “staged so nicely by Lindsey Moore,” and the Austin Chronicle said of her production of Steve Martin’s WASP that she “wisely envisioned [the] work with restraint.” Lindsey co-founded No Tea Productions in 2006 with her husband, Jeff Sproul.
JEFF SPROUL (Writer & Performer) is the Artistic Director and graphic designer for No Tea Productions. He has performed in each of No Tea’s previous shows, as well as having written The Kentucky Goblin Siege, The Artistical Process of Mark & Andy, various segments of Already in Progress, and “Evacuation Plan” from the show Liars. He has appeared in numerous stage productions in New York and Colorado, the independent films Flowers and Rehearsal, and the short films In Transit and Straphanger (both by Jeremy Mather). His next play will be an homage to the old 1930's sci-fi serials, as well as a psychological deconstruction of one's need to destroy the Earth via a giant ray gun.
HORSE TRADE THEATER GROUP is a self-sustaining theater development group; with a focus on new work, it has produced a massive quantity of stimulating downtown theater.  Horse Trade’s Resident Artist Program offers a home to a select group of Independent Theater artists, pooling together a great deal of talent and energy. It is also the home of FRIGID New York – the first and only festival of its kind in New York City. 
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