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Thursday, 31 July 2014 21:18

Theatre Feature: Indiegogo Campaign for SCRIPT MATCH, A New Online Tool for Playwrights, Producers and Actors

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Dennis Corsi, Eric Piwowar (left inset), and Josh Nosewicz (right inset) Dennis Corsi, Eric Piwowar (left inset), and Josh Nosewicz (right inset)

Dennis Corsi , Eric Piwowar, and Josh Nosewicz are three industrious young men who have, as a trio, never been in the same place at the same time. They don't even all live in the same city.  Corsi is in New York, Nosewicz is in Michigan and Piwowar is in California.  Despite that, and with the use of Google Hangouts, they are embarking on a new venture that could revolutionize the way actors, producers and students find the perfect audition monologue or play to produce.

Their new project, Script Match, will be an online platform where writers can register their script and categorize it using a broad array of meta-data. Not only are they hoping to help actors and producers, but they are hoping that Script Match will be a way for playwrights to overcome some of the obstacles of getting their play seen and made available to those searching for something specific. It will put the publishing back in the hands of the audience/users. "We're hoping the site will remove some of the gate-keeping involved in script publishing, similar to the way independent films have taken advantage of the web" says Corsi. "It used to be that films couldn't get distributed unless they had a deal with a big distributer. Now with sites like Vimeo, YouTube, and Distrify, filmmakers have a way to distribute their own work. "

Their first phase is up, allowing playwrights the opportunity to register their scripts. Their site can be found at The second phase will allow for the actual searching of the scripts. If things go as planned, they hope that that phase will be up by December 1, 2014. To get there, however, they need to raise some funds. In the hopes of raising $8,000 to get to phase two, they are using the power of, a crowdfunding site.

This isn't the first time that the theatre has turned to crowdfunding for funds. George Takei is involved with a musical called Allegiance the Musical about the internment of Japanese-Americans during the Second World War. Its producers tried to use Indigogo to raise funds but didn't reach their goal. The show has a website that can be found here.  The show had a production in 2012 at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego.  Late actor Ronald Paolillo wrote a play called The Lost Boy. A relative tried to raise funds through Indiegogo but they too didn't meet their goal.

That's the position in which Corsi, Piwowar and Nosewiez find themselves. They only have until 11:59PM on Friday, August 1st to raise the $8,000 they are seeking in their Indiegogo campaign (as of this writing they are only at 13% of what they need to raise). In the event that they don't raise the funds, Corsi says "I'm already looking for other sources of funds. I don't give up easily. We'll find a way to fund it."  

If you want to read more about the project, you can read their press release .

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