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Tuesday, Apr 24th

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Tuesday, 16 August 2011 22:39

The Brick Theater Announces Their Fall Season

The Brick Theater

The Brick Theater, Inc. presents 



Amuse Bouche: A NY Clown Theatre Festival Hors d’Oeuvre

Puppetonia: Interactive Puppet Show for Babies

Action Philosophers!

Tiny Theater

Doctor Faustus

Little Lord’s Babes in Toyland

Bethlehem or Bust

plus Nerdlesque and a workshop production by Matthew Freeman!



August 11 – 28, 2011



This year’s collection of shows from Gemini CollisionWorksThe Collisionworks 2011: At The Ends (aka 3 Terminal Plays or 3 Ultimate Plays), focuses on finality, mortality, and the conclusion of all things, with the caveat that all endings bring the possibility of new beginnings. 


ObJects (and, yes, the odd spelling is intentional) attempts to meld Heartbreak House with Brazil by way of a David Cronenberg gene splicer, presenting the horrific end of the USA as a matter of no great importance to those who cause it, as class will always have its privileges, including the ability to escape the evil it sows.


Antrobus – At the end of the world, or soon after, or soon before, as the ice rises and the food grows scarce, the six members of a “family” that has banded together for survival begin to turn on each other as the years of hardship, cabin fever, and resentment catch up with them, and neither the old or young members of the family are sure what to do next: stay still and avoid risk, or move forward and search for other people and ways of living in a changed world. The one thing they have to hold onto are the pages of a thick history book, telling the story of how the world came apart, which mysteriously comes apart itself every night and must be ritually restored, every single day . . .


Gone – At the end of a life, two dear old friends sit at a cafe table and reminisce. One of them will not be leaving. But before that, and before, during and after night falls, they will share, argue, debate, and discuss the details of their shared and separate lives, in a form of the English language that is nearly unrecognizable, made of almost nothing but portmanteau words and echoes of familiar sounds. These sounds may become understandable and meaningful, if you really listen to them. But be careful how close you listen, as the pain is never far away.

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Amuse Bouche: A NY Clown Theatre Festival Hors d’Oeuvre

September 7 – 25, 2011


At The Brick, presenter of the blockbuster New York Clown Theatre Festival in 2010 (and returning in 2012!), does not want fans of Clown Theatre to go hungry in the meantime.  This September The Brick presents its biennial Amuse Bouche selection of outstanding Clown Theatre work: 9 mainstage shows, 3 cabarets, clown films and classes, with performers from Australia, Canada, Mexico, and the far corners of the U.S. of A.!

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Interactive Puppet Show for Babies!

September 1 – 29, 2011


Bring your munchkin to an interactive hour-long show with music, bubbles, and, of course, puppets! Our fast-paced performance will keep your child engaged, laughing, and learning. With a new show every week and characters your child will get to know and love, PUPPETONIA is sure to become a weekly highlight!  Puppetonia teaches children more than just ABC’s and 123′s. The music and puppet shows incorporate important social skills, early academics, thinking skills, motor skills, and self-expression.

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Impetuous Theater Group

October 6 – 16, 2011


The SMASH hit of The Comic Book Theater Festival returns!  The award-winning, best-selling comics series Action Philosophers is adapted for the stage by award-winning playwright Crystal Skillman and directed by John Hurley as the lives and thoughts of history's A-list brain trust leap to the stage in manic, hilarious fashion. Come meet PLATO—Wrestling Superstar of Ancient Greece! NIETZSCHE—The Original Übermensch! The premiere of the mini-musical “You're a Good Man, JOHN STUART MILL!” The torrid love affairs of AYN RAND! And more! From Impetuous Theater Group who brought you Hack! an I.T. Spaghetti Western (a hit at both last year's Too Soon festival and the Vampire Cowboys Saloon Series) Action Philosophers! is a must see, not to mention cheaper than a liberal arts degree—and a whole lot more fun, too!

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October 21-22


A tiny performance festival presented by The Brick (originated in 2006 by the Ontological-Hysteric Incubator).

TINY THEATER = theater / dance / dance-theater / puppet-theater / object-theater / installation that takes place in a 6' x 6' x 6' space — performers and scenic elements must not exist outside the box at any point during each piece — and in under 10 mins.

More to come!



Theater Reconstruction Ensemble

November 2-12


Through the use of opera, sequins, slapstick, devil horns, angel wings, banjos, fake beards, magic, men in skirts, sex, religion, politics, fireworks, whips, Helen of Troy and the Seven Deadly Sins themselves, Theater Reconstruction Ensemble tells the ultimate tale of good vs. evil. Hold on to your soul, cause the devil is on the prowl!

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November 30 – December 10, 2011


This holiday season, a scraggly group of fugitive theater-makers perform what’s left of their legendary 2009 production of Victor Herbert's Mother Goose-inspired operetta. As the motley cast tries desperately to salvage the decayed remains of their theatrical dreams, Little Lord's BABES IN TOYLAND becomes a claustrophobic celebration of mandatory make-believe and enforced nostalgia.


Little Lord's adaptation of BABES IN TOYLAND received a developmental workshop production as part of the OHIO Theatre's Ice Factory Festival in July 2009. That production was in part a re-imagining of the original (deeply flawed) operetta: staged as a "recession spectacular," its world was one of brightly painted cardboard and shoddy spectacle. In this incarnation, BABES becomes stripped-down, though no less fantastical, making the most of the original script's absurd, nonsensical plot and the frantic desperation of its creators. In Little Lord's signature anarchic, jolly, and awkwardly sincere manner, BABES is a lost theater piece teetering on its very last legs.


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Piper McKenzie Productions

December 12 – December 18, 2011


The hit of 2010 returns!  Everyone knows about the Three Kings and their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, but not so many people know about the adventures they had on their way to the manger. Bethlehem or Bust, Piper McKenzie’s first-ever family show, envisions the Wise Men as swashbucklers on an action-packed journey where they need to brave all sorts of robbers, monsters, Roman soldiers – and the occasional shepherd – on their way to meet one of history’s most famous babies. (Great for kids age 7 and up!)

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Bi-Monthly. Schedule TBA


Once marginalized and outcast, today's nerds dominate modern culture, from movies to gaming to literature—and now, at last, burlesque. Whether you're a closet dungeon master, are itching to administer a Vulcan nerve pinch, or just want to share your bug collection with someone who understands, Nerdlesque is here for you.

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a workshop of a


Schedule TBA

Only at The Brick, 575 Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

All tickets available at or by calling Theatermania (212-352-3101)


Only at The Brick
Winner of The New York Innovative Theatre Awards’ 2009 Caffe Cino Fellowship Award!

The Brick is located at 575 Metropolitan Avenue (between Union Avenue and Lorimer Street) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on the L & G subway lines (L: Lorimer stop; G: Metropolitan stop).  For more detailed directions & further information, see The Brick and its non-profit company, The Brick Theater, Inc. were founded in September of 2002 by Robert Honeywell and Michael Gardner.  Formerly an auto-body shop, a storage space and a yoga center, this brick- walled garage was completely refurbished into a state-of-the-art theater complex, with a large sprung floor and professional lighting and sound package.

Winner of THE 2009 CAFFE CINO FELLOWSHIP AWARD, The Brick is Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s destination for cutting-edge theatrical experience. Home to the critically acclaimed premieres of Bouffon Glass Menajoree (NY IT Award Winner—Outstanding Play), Samuel & Alasdair: A Personal History of the Robot War (NY IT Award Winner—Outstanding Play), Craven Monkey and the Mountain of Fury (NY IT Award Nominee—Outstanding Performance Art Production), Greed: A Musical Love $tory (NY IT Award Nominee—Outstanding Musical), Red Cloud Rising, Theatre of the Arcade and Suspicious Package (NY IT Award Nominee—Outstanding Play), The Brick has hosted some of downtown theater’s most innovative artists, including Annie Baker, Young Jean Lee, The Debate Society, Banana Bag & Bodice, Thomas Bradshaw, and Jollyship the Whiz-Bang’s Nick Jones. The Brick has also hosted The Iranian Theater Festival, The Comic Book Theater Festival, Fight Fest, Game Play: A Celebration of Video Game Theater, five years of the international NY Clown Theatre FestivalGemini CollisionWorks’ August repertory festival (The Collisionworks), The Too Soon Festival, The Antidepressant Festival, You’re Welcome, Adventure Quest, The Nosemaker’s Apprentice, The Protestants, The Granduncle Quadrilogy, Lord Oxford Presents the Second American Revolution, Live!, Third Lows’ 2-year Penny Dreadful serial, Richard Foreman’sHarry in Love, The Film Festival: A Theater Festival, Babylon Babylon, Notes from Underground, Bitch Macbeth, A Thought about Raya, World Gone Wrong, The Pretentious Festival (including Every Play Ever Written and Macbeth without Words), Strom Thurmond Is Not a Racist/Cleansed, The Death of Griffin Hunter, Untitled Theater Co. #61’s Havel Festival, Sexadelic Cemetery, The Kung Fu Importance of Being Earnest, The $ellout Festival, Adventures of Caveman Robot, The Baby Jesus One-Act Jubilee, Memoirs of My Nervous Illness, The Moral Values Festival, World Gone Wrong, Tupperware Orgy, Bizarre Science Fantasy, Who Is Wilford Brimley? The Musical, Jenna is nuts, Habitat, In a Strange Room (based on William Faulkner’sAs I Lay Dying), Assurbanipal Babilla’s Assyrian Monkey Fantasy and Stanislaw Witkiewicz’s The Pragmatists.