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Tuesday, 15 May 2012 11:33

New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF) Announces Full Slate of Musicals, Special Events and Concerts for 2012

The New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF)
2012 full slate of musicals,
special events and concerts

New productions, schedule, and venues announced 

Festival will run July 9 – 29
Members begin booking seats May 15

The New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF) has announced the full slate of 34 musical productions and special events for its ninth annual festival. This year's Festival will begin July 9th and continue through July 29th. An additional slate of free events, including 12 staged readings and several educational panel discussions, will be announced shortly.

{module ad_left_body}This year, the Festival’s main productions will be housed at the 45th Street Theatre, the Theatre at St. Clements, the PTC Performance Space (formerly the Peter Norton Space), and the Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theatre at the Pershing Square Signature Center. Developmental readings and NYMF at Night programming will be held at the Upstairs Theatre at 45th Street Theatre; and additional free events will be held at the first-ever NYMF Hub, a pop-up box-office, lounge, and performance space on 42nd Street that will open June 15th, the date single tickets go on sale for the Festival.

A full breakdown of this year's performances follows and a full list of performances, dates and venues can be found at

Since its inception in 2004, The New York Musical Theatre Festival has premiered more than 300 new musicals - more than 80 of which have gone on to award-winning productions in New York, in regional theaters in almost every state, and in 16 countries worldwide. Twenty NYMF alumni shows have gone on to enjoy off-Broadway runs, including last season’s acclaimed The Blue Flower and The Shaggs, and this season’s Fat Camp and the upcoming The Last Smoker In America. This September, Becoming Chaplin (formerly Behind the Limelight) will be the third NYMF alum to open on Broadway, joining [title of show] and the Tony Award- and Pulitzer Prize-winning Next to Normal. NYMF shows have played in 48 states and in more than 16 countries worldwide.

“It’s clear the musical theatre remains a vibrant, vital force – and we’re proud to have our upcoming season reflect that vitality,” said NYMF Executive Director and Producer Isaac Robert Hurwitz. “We’ve got an extraordinarily diverse array of topics and genres represented, from sixteenth-century romances, to twenty-first century club kids, from chamber oratorios to ska comedies, and everything from dancing Filipino prisoners to dancing donuts, born-again Christians, and Jack Abramoff.”

This year's Festival will run July 9 - 29. Memberships are on sale now and members can book tickets as of today. Single tickets will go on sale beginning June 15th. To purchase a membership, please visit



Book by Jerry James

Music by Laura I. Kramer

Lyrics by Ellen M. Stewart

Based on the short story “A Letter To Harvey Milk” by Lesléa Newman

What can a retired kosher butcher and a young lesbian writing teacher possibly have in common? More, perhaps, than either imagines. And it all begins when Harry writes an impassioned letter to his late friend Harvey Milk. With plenty of advice from his dead-but-combative wife – and surprisingly, from Harvey himself – Harry grapples with the hidden truths of his long-buried past and the promise of a surprising future in this deeply emotional and funny new musical.


Book by Frances Limoncelli

Music and Lyrics by George Howe

Based on the story by Laurie Keller

Arnie, a lovable chocolate-frosted doughnut with rainbow sprinkles, is the happiest pastry in the bakery when he’s finally selected to be taken home by a new owner. But when mild-mannered Mr. Bing tries to eat the unsuspecting Arnie, both are in for the surprise of their lives! Embark upon a hilarious quest to redefine human/doughnut relations in this unexpectedly original new musical that both kids and adults will enjoy.


Book, Music and Lyrics by Michael Ogborn

In 1927, publicity-shy Charles Lindbergh, Jr. makes the first non-stop, solo flight across the Atlantic and becomes a great American hero, the envy of millions… until his infant son is kidnapped, setting off the first true media circus of modern times!  A kaleidoscopic look at a nation gripped by gossip and hypnotized by the strobe of flash bulbs as one family’s personal tragedy spirals into a national obsession and a murder trial morphs into sensationalized, headline entertainment.


Book by Kevin Ray and Andrea Lepcio

Music and Lyrics by Kevin Ray

Additional Story by Suellen Vance

It’s 1940s Los Angeles and the hottest place to be seen is Central Avenue, in the shadow of Hollywood, where hot swing blows all night long at clubs like Jack’s Chicken Basket and the Club Alabam. Brothers Bill and Jim Marcel are sax players struggling to carve out their own legacies, but first they must overcome a destructive rivalry, addiction, and tragedy before it’s too late. The winner of the Daegu Production Award at NYMF 2011, a newly-revised Central Avenue Breakdown enjoys a special encore run at NYMF 2012 immediately following its production at NYMF’s sister festival in South Korea.


Book and Lyrics by Matthew Hardy

Music by Randy Klein

Joseph Christiansen wants to be a great Maitre d’ like his father who was tragically killed in a freak flaming Bananas Foster accident. Against the wishes and warnings of his pill-pushing psychiatrist mother, young Joe leaves the safety of his small hometown and journeys to New York City to make it big in the glamorous world of food and beverage service. Will Joe succeed…or will he end up flambéed like his father? Find out in this quirky tale of drugs, dreams and flaming desserts!


Book, Music and Lyrics by Brett Boles

What if you could live forever? On New Year’s Eve in 1625, Will Timeson and Jack Mercer discover the secret of immortality – an elixir that will grant them the gift of eternal life. But is it a gift? When the two men fall in love with the same woman – a beautiful, young woman with a dark, painful secret – the stage is set for a grand, musical epic about friendship, love, betrayal and redemption spanning several tumultuous centuries and set to a sweeping, romantic score.


Book by Chad Kessler and David James Boyd

Music and Lyrics by David James Boyd

It’s New Years Eve, 1999. With the entire country caught up in “Y2K Paranoia,” Chazz Goodhart decides it’s the perfect opportunity to escape his rural hometown of Redfield, Virginia. He leaves behind his Meth-dealing mother, and hops a Greyhound bus in hopes of getting into the Party Of The Century: “The Y2K Bootyquake Bash” at The Groove Factory. Set to an original score of pulsating Electronic Dance/Pop music.


Book, Music and Lyrics by Marc Silverberg

Mild-mannered police officer Gene Bauer is having a really bad day. His job is to protect a priceless diamond… the same one he’s apparently been hired to steal. He’s met the love of his life, and attempted to kill her several times. His fellow policemen are hunting him, and he keeps getting knocked unconscious. And to top it all off… he has no idea that any of this is happening! A new-fangled, crazy-tuneful, slapstick-wacky musical comedy about a man forced to face the most dangerous nemesis imaginable: himself!


Book, Music and Lyrics by Jonathan Brielle

One of the greatest romances of the 20th Century – Nora, a passionate chambermaid, becomes lover and muse to the brilliant and hard-drinking novelist, Mr. James Joyce… Himself! While his writings exile them from their beloved Ireland and bring the condemnation of the Catholic Church, their bawdy partnership inspires some of the most bubbling wordplay ever written in the English language. Directed by Michael Bush, this tuneful journey launches two soulmates through three tumultuous decades of laughter and art.


Book by Pia Cincotti

Music and Lyrics by Peter Cincotti

It's summer and the temperature's rising when suddenly every beach on the Jersey Shore is threatened with closure: The water is too polluted for swimming! That is until Rob -- a small town pool technician -- stumbles upon an opportunity that will change his life and save the sea.  But when a local handy man's lust for power and revenge threatens Rob's world, the two rivals are thrust into battle to restore the ocean and win the heart of a woman they both love. A musical comedy about love, lust, and chlorine.


Book and Lyrics by Jason Slavick

Music by Cassandra Marsh

Celebrating the grim in the Brothers Grimm and putting the gory in a bedtime story, Boston’s Liars and Believers Lab brings their neo-burlesque, punk cabaret to NYC. Hosted by chanteuse Veronique du Blahblahblah and complete with masks, puppetry, dance, demons and talking chickens, Le Cabaret Grimm spins an original tale wrapped in variety show drag. It’s a journey of loss, longing and desire tinged with the darkness of Berlin, a soupcon of Paris and the strong whiff of a downtown Bowery dive.


Book, Music and Lyrics by Christopher Wilson

Michael is HIV positive, but it’s not a death sentence – not anymore. Michael just has to learn to live with it…but that’s not as simple as it sounds. A musical drama that explores the fears, complications and realities of coping with a complex, chronic condition that affects every day, every relationship, every breath, Living With Henry is sometimes comic, sometimes heartbreaking, but always passionate, bold and stunningly honest.


Book by Romeo Candido and Carmen DeJesus

Music and Lyrics by Romeo Candido

The lives of eight Filipino maximum-security prisoners are changed forever when a video of their dance-based rehabilitation program becomes a viral Internet sensation on YouTube. As the dark prison suddenly finds itself in the worldwide spotlight, these hardcore criminals are given a second chance to find love and happiness in the most challenging circumstances. A modern inspired-by-a-true-story about how fears can hold us captive – and dreams can set us free to dance!


Book by Dennis Paoli, Stuart Gordon and William Norris

Music and Lyrics by Mark Nutter

Adapted from the story by H.P. Lovecraft

Based on the film “H.P. Lovecraft’s Re-Animator” produced by Brian Yuzna

A brilliant young medical student discovers a glowing, green serum that can bring the dead back to life...with catastrophic results. Based on the cult classic “H.P. Lovecraft’s Re-Animator,” this award-winning horror comedy is helmed by Stuart Gordon (who also directed the film), featuring George Wendt (Norm from “Cheers”) and a Splash Zone for those who enjoy a little splatter! Variety writes, “Not since Little Shop of Horrors has a screamfest tuner so deftly balanced seriousness and camp.”


Book, Music and Lyrics by Mitch Magonet and Joey Miller

Twelve year-old Pipio hunts for his lost mother among the street-kids, gangs and drug-lords that rule Rio’s favelas – the toughest slums in the hottest place on Earth. The boy’s search for identity becomes a struggle for survival in this re-invention of Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist set in modern-day Brazil – a colorful, character-filled Carnaval tale presented by the Escola de Samba Foltando!


Book and Lyrics by Brittany Bullen, Music by Brittany Bullen and Newell Bullen

Troubled by the past, Jeanine is faced with the challenge of counseling residents of a Philadelphia women’s shelter. As she works there, she learns that the best way to start over is to become part of the solution. Filled with romance, laughter and tears, this contemporary pop/rock musical is about what it means to be a woman and what it means to really live.


Book and Lyrics by Lee Wyatt-Buchan

Music by Aldie and Sandy Chalmers

It’s David vs. Goliath – but not a slingshot in sight! When shepherd boy David is prophesized to become the next king… heck, he’d rather be a rock star. Not that tough guy Goliath’ll let some freakin’ sheep-lover take the crown, setting the stage for the biblical rivals to clash in an epic Guitar Hero battle!  Following a successful run in the UK, this family-friendly rock musical takes on the issue of bullying as it spins its tale of a little guy who must overcome obstacles, face fears and finally: Stand Tall!


Book, Music and Lyrics by Riley Thomas

Moving on is never easy, as six strangers discover when they are trapped between stations on the subway. When tension builds, colorful characters clash as they recognize pieces of themselves emerging in one another. This poignant, contemporary musical will take you on a humorous and heartfelt ride as it explores exactly what it means to be Stuck.


Book and Lyrics by Dana Yeaton

Music by Andy Mitton

God wants Bonnie to save the souls of her 23 Ohio Kindergarten students, and if that means risking her job, or triggers the occasional shooting back pain – well, so be it. Bonnie’s new chiropractor, Neil, sees things differently; in fact, as a gay new-ager and recent transplant from Brooklyn, Neil sees most everything differently. And when his first treatment turns out to be a miracle cure, Bonnie starts to feel things she hasn’t felt in years. Her response: “Put me back the way you found me.” But when Neil refuses, another epic battle in the Culture Wars is ON.


Book by Michael Alvarez

Music and Lyrics by Ella Grace

7 Friends…24 Hours…OMG so much TROUBLE! Star-crossed lovers, Nick and Jen, find their love threatened by something unexpected. Perfect girl Hannah is hiding a secret from her boyfriend, James, who wants to rekindle things with his ex, Sarah. She, on the other hand, is just trying to move on. Meanwhile, never-been-kissed Joe is striking up drama with the hottest guy in school. After tonight, nothing will ever be the same… Contains Nudity, Strong Language, Sexual Content, and Some Violence.


Book by Ana and Peter Edwards

Music and Lyrics by Peter Edwards

An idealistic Occupy Wall Street protestor teeters on the angry edge of violence, when suddenly… Emiliano Zapata, hero of the Mexican Revolution, appears to show him the right way to fight for the disenfranchised 99%! Rage rock meets mariachi music as a 21st Century economic warrior travels back in time to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with ordinary people struggling for their land and the lives of their families, alongside one of the greatest revolutionaries of modern times.



Sketches and Songs by Trav S.D.

With Additional Material by the Invited Acts, and from the Canon     

Downtown impresario Trav S.D.'s long-running American Vaudeville Theatre presents an eclectic mix of surreal comedy, traditional pop music and New York's best vaudeville, circus, and burlesque performers. In its 16 years of operation the AVT has presented hundreds of top variety acts from sideshow king Todd Robbins (Carnival Knowledge) to Warner Brothers recording artist Lizzie West. From tap dance to magic to good old-fashioned bump-and-grind, Travesties of 2012 will present a diverse mash-up of American entertainment styles in a revue format both naughty and nostalgic.

IN THE NIGHT            

Written and directed by Goetz Neumann

Choreographed by Karen D. Savage

A musical film with an explosively talented ensemble cast has its world premiere at NYMF!  Jane Fisher is a ghostwriter with a stack of unpaid bills, an imploding love affair, and one night left to finish her script.  Just past midnight, she gets an idea: a cast of actors, abandoned by their director and driven by fear of unemployment, decides to create a musical show of their own!  As both writer and her characters race against a ticking clock, all embark on a journey of discovery… lost and wandering In The Night, making some tough decisions, and musically finding their way home. 


Conceived by Stan Zimmerman

Book by Stan Zimmerman and Christian McLaughlin

Lucy and Charlie have only a few hours to complete their dream assignment: recording the theme song for a brand new network sitcom. And the one they’ve written is every bit as good as the “Friends” theme, or the “Golden Girls” song, or the opening to “The Jeffersons” or (fill in your favorite TV theme here)!  Smart, interactive and fun for the family, It’s On! celebrates those songs you love, grew up with and can never, ever get out of your head – from “I Love Lucy” to “True Blood.”  Come sing along!


Book by Bruce J. Robinson

Music and Lyrics by Jeff Eisenberg

It’s almost Cailin’s 10th birthday and the one and only thing she really, REALLY wants is a puppy.  Unfortunately, her mom and dad aren’t so sure she's responsible enough to take care of one.  But with schoolwork to do and classes to go to and a little brother hanging around all the time, how can Caitlin prove to her parents she’s mature enough for her dream birthday gift?  A bright and bouncy, light and giddily tuneful show for the young and the young at heart – all about the rewards of growing up.


Book and Additional Lyrics by Trent Armand Kendall

Music and Lyrics by Michael Polese

Feeling older but not remotely wiser, a very funny, Black, middle-aged New Yorker drinks, smokes and cleans house while facing a particularly desperate birthday – wildly conjuring up a world teeming with outrageous characters, original songs and gripping monologues in a uniquely theatrical and utterly uproarious ride of self-examination, backed by a rollicking three-man band.


Book, Music, and Lyrics by Nick Misette

Have you heard?  Really Bad Things are happening in Washington D.C.!  A Lobbyist is blissfully engaged in indecent activities…while a conservative Senator tries to hide his desire for hookers and diapers…and a Georgetown Madam is operating an escort service with a client list that includes Ambassadors, Congressmen and…even-more-powerful others? Could it be all three are connected? Really? A musical tale of power, sex and greed in our nation’s capital, inspired by true events.


Book and Lyrics by Onalea Gilbertson, with additional material by the chorus

Music by Marcel Bergmann

Exploring themes of poverty, mental illness and addiction, this strikingly original chamber musical unfolds as a memorial service for a young woman. Requiem was created and is performed in partnership with a chorus of men, women and children who know the experience of homelessness – a raw, gorgeous and heart-altering blend of true stories and the theatrical that gives voice to the streets of North America.


Conceived and Choreographed by Clare Cook

Original Music and Lyrics by Amy Burgess

Dramatic Text and Lyrics by Gena Oppenheim

The lives of three present-day modern dancers intersect and collide with those of a coterie of 1920s Ziegfeld Follies-era chorus girls in this original dance-theater piece. From learning those tricky tap steps as a child to leaving her small town to move to the Big Apple, hustling from job to job, some things have not changed much for a girl trying to ‘make it’ as a performer. Contemporary dance, original song, narrative, and video projection combine to reveal how much past is in our present.


Book and Lyrics by Griffin Hennelly and Nolan Hennelly

Music by Chris Scott Geller

When high school senior Jack’s heart is broken yet again, he and his pals invent the Two-Month Rule: none of them will date any girl for longer than eight weeks, the point at which all girlfriends go nuts…But following the rule is tougher than dreaming it up, when prom night falls on the day of the two-month dump ‘em deadline. A hilariously original, all-ska musical written and performed by a crazy-talented still-in-or-just-graduated-from high school cast!



Music and Lyrics by Zach Zadek

Additional Lyrics by Gina DePalo

Over the course of six years, six ordinary New Yorkers touch each other’s lives in profound and extraordinary ways – without ever knowing it…and often, without ever having met! Featuring an eclectic score blending rock, pop, gospel and contemporary theatre sounds, this musical in concert is about the connections we make every day and how, in a city of strangers, we’re all barely six degrees apart.


After sold-out shows at the Canal Room and the Laurie Beechman, Cutting-Edge Composers brings its latest concert to NYMF! Up-and-coming musical theatre writers are teamed with Broadway’s hottest performers at the latest concert series produced by Laura Pietropinto (Next to Normal), Josh Young (Jesus Christ Superstar), and Jillian Robbins. Past evenings have debuted songs from Adam Gwon, Joe Iconis, Ryan Scott Oliver, and Pasek & Paul, and many more – come hear the next generation and say you were there at the start of something big!


Written by Andrew Kobert and David Ruttura

One time Tony-eligible actor Andrew Kober (Broadway’s Hair, TV’s “Boardwalk Empire,” “Pan Am”) brings his one-man show to the NYMF stage, after sold-out engagements at Joe’s Pub and LPR. Originally seen by 100 Ohioans in the auditorium of Shaker Heights High, this updated Koberet is an even more self-indulgent version of the phenomenon that took the Midwest by storm ten years ago. In it, Broadway’s most beloved and under-employed actor muses on coming out, going in, gaining weight and getting thin.


NYMF’s Student Leadership Program (SLP) presents an evening devoted to musical theatre composers and performers who have never known a Broadway without Phantom of the Opera. Featuring songs by talented college students and recent graduates, this event will showcase young artists who’ve come of age at the dawning of the mega-musical, power belting, and three-named composers. Join the NYMF SLP for this exciting night of star-be-to performances.


Music and Lyrics by Tor Hyams and Lisa Neubauer

Stealing Time follows two separately married individuals whose lives collide at just the right time. From the author of Greenwood (NYMF 2011), this developmental song cycle traces their path from marital dysfunction to personal evolution. The couple must decide to either overcome their lifelong fears and accept their unconditional love for each other, or fall back into the safety and complacency of their marriages. Which would you choose?

*   *   *

Now in its ninth year, the New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF) is the largest annual musical theatre event in America and is widely regarded as the essential source for new material and talent discovery. NYMF provides a launching pad for the next generation of musicals and their creators to ensure the continued vitality of one of America's greatest art forms. Hailed as the "Sundance of Musical Theatre," NYMF discovers, nurtures, and promotes promising musical theatre artists and producers at all stages of development, and inspires a diverse audience through vibrant, accessible, powerful new work.

NYMF is the flagship program of National Music Theater Network, Inc., a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization. NYMF 2012 is presented in association with, Production Resource Group, and, and is supported by American Eagle Outfitters, Back Stage,,, Fox 5/WNYW-TV, King Displays, NASDAQ OMX, New World Stages, Next Magazine, The Port Authority of NY & NJ,, Thomson Reuters,, Times Square Squared, and Yelp. Major supporters include The ASCAP Foundation, BMI Foundation, Inc., The BWF Foundation, Con Edison, The Nathan Cummings Foundation with the support and encouragement of Jamie Mayer Phinney, The New Musical Development Foundation, The Jerome Robbins Foundation, The Rodgers & Hammerstein Foundation, The Shubert Foundation, and The Theater League.  NYMF is supported, in part, by funds from the New York City Theater Subdistrict Council, LDC, by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts, and by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council and from the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency.

NYMF Memberships, which combine charitable contributions with valuable, flexible ticket packages and perks like early seating, and tickets to individual events, are currently available for purchase at (212) 352-3101 or

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